What is preventative protection? Do you need it in your coldroom?  
Why install protection in the first place? 
Your coldroom is a valuable asset to your business, any damage can have an a negative effect on your business running capabilities. 
Costs- the cost of installing preventative protection is drastically cheaper than replacing your coldstore panels.  
As much as we can train staff on the safe use of forklifts and pallet trucks- human error is one of things in life we cannot rule out. Accidents happen!  
What can S.Tysoe Installations do for you? 
5 bar aluminium treadplate cladding to walls. 
Bollards and Goalpost installtion to doorways  
Armco crash barrier installation 
coldroom panel damage
coldroom panel damage
coldroom panel damage
S.Tysoe Installations offer a free no obligation survey and quotation. If your coldroom is damaged or you are looking to protect your coldstore, we will be happy to look at solutions for you. 
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